Ten Foods every Vasculitis Person should eat

Think Anti-inflammatory foods

Lets start with my favorite:

is the only fruit which contains bromelain
I put pineapple in a variety of salads, I make pina colada smoothies often, and I also eat it by itself.

I add them to my morning fruit smoothies

Enhances any fresh fruit salad

Sprinkle some in your miso soup or on a salad daily. You can also buy kelp noodles and add them into a variety of salads

Chia seeds
are another great anti-inflammatory additive you have to work into your recipes.  Cleveland Clinic has a recipe for vegetable and chia chili.- add 2 tablespoons per pot.  I like chia seeds in raw strawberry or chocolate pudding.

Shitake mushrooms -
great on top of homemade pizza - in miso soup - sauces -

broccoli - 
can be eaten alone or used in a variety of salads or casseroles.  Steaming broccoli is best to avoid cooking out all the enzymes and vitamins.  Raw would be best

Sweet Potatoes -
I love sweet potato casserole.  But to optimize the benefits, sweet potato can also be eaten raw in a variety of salads.

Wild caught salmon
Eat only wild caught

Green Tea -
At least one cup per day

Just as important as eating foods that are anti-inflammatory is avoiding foods that cause inflammation.

Generally, foods that are acidic
white flour - sugar - gluten - wheat - meat - dairy 


Every food you eat will have a reaction in your body.  It will either lift you up or bring you down, keep you your ideal weight or make you gain weight.  Food can give you energy or take it away,  make you bloated, puffy, or even flatten your stomach, make you sweat, give you mucus, or even boost your immune system.

Ask your food what it can do for you?

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